Escola Galileo Galilei - Spring Festival 2022


Our language assistant's name is Heena. She is from India

This is what she tells us about her country: 

India is world's largest democracy with 1.3 billion people and is regarded as one of 3 oldest known civilizations. India is also known for spirituality, simplicity, pursuit of truth, universal tolerance and acceptance. There are 22 written and spoken languages in India with the majority of Indians speaking English as their first or second language(English is also one of the official languages). India is the birthplace of  Zero"0", chess, yoga, Ayurveda...etc.. 70% of the world's spices come from India and it's the largest producer of cotton. The second-largest movie industry is in India. 9 Indians have won Nobel prizes. India today is making great progress in information technology, space technology, science and exports. 

Activitat per a cicle infantil

Let's live an explosion of colors!

Activitat per a cicle mitjà

Discovering new food


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