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Read and Speak: Conversa en anglès per adults

Temes: Cultura
Categories: Centre Cívic Jardins de la Pau
TIPUS: Proposta
Per a qui: Adult

Do you want to improve your English? Would you like to know more about the rich variety of Anglophone cultures? Come and ‘read and speak’ with us every Wednesday from 7.30pm where we’ll be discussing a short text every week in a friendly, informal environment. We’ll look at poems, short stories, scripts and lyrics from different English-speaking countries from around the world. Come and join us!

What do you need?

-       An intermediate level of English

-       Enough time to read a short text every week

-       A love of literature!

What will you take away from this?

-       A taste of the wide range of texts in the English language 

-       Greater insight into some of the cultural contexts of Anglophone countries

-       A chance to practise your English while learning about some of the world’s most famous literature!

We’ll provide the texts and some questions for discussion to get the ball rolling.

What are you waiting for? 


Vols millorar el teu nivell d’anglès? Vols conèixer i saber més de la riquesa i varietat de les cultures Angloparlants? Vine al “Read and Speak” els dimecres a les 19:30 h, i juntes treballarem un text curt cada setmana, en un entorn agradable i informal. Treballarem amb poesia, històries curtes, guions de sèries i TV, i lletres de cançons de diversos països de llengua anglesa de tot el món.

No t’ho perdis!

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